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About us

In order to give you some insight into our lives, we’ll give you an overall picture of the start of our travel blog. Something we had in mind for quite some time and in 2020 we finally made the jump. Nevertheless, we’re so grateful with our travel blog.must

Our story

Born in 1989,  Koen descents from a good wine season and is 30 years old today. Elien is 4 years younger and born in august 1993. In general, we both had a fantastic childhood, with a loving family around us. What a great start of life. By this fact, we love life. 

Our story together first started around May 2017. We met each other at a sports event for children, where we were both teaching and motivate the kids to take a try at our sport. The first glimpse of each other: Elien dressed as a mascot frog on stage for the final ‘closing act’, Koen joking from the sideline. We found out pretty quickly that this was the beginning of something beautiful.

Luckily we both had the same interests and the same vision of how life should be. Both hard workers with a big need for a holiday. First things first; The passion for travelling was one of the first and most important things we shared. This same passion is now what makes us travel the world together. Step by step, with respect for other cultures, people and nature. Obviously, we love travelling. 

Generally speaking, the respect we have for the world and nature is something we want to transfer to our readers. This way we are trying to make a little change in the world. With baby steps, but every day a little more. Therefore we like to live according to some ‘ground rules’.  First of all, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Secondly, we don’t take anything for granted, and last but not least, we’re grateful for everything and towards other people. One important rule; wherever we go, the camera always goes with us! With this intention, we travel the world. 

T’shiplake city

Currently, we live in Belgium in a little town called Schiplaken (which I like to call the centre of Europe). It’s a nice place to live, but honestly, there is nothing to see, apart from the fact we’re close to our friends and family. After working hours, we like to be quite busy. And if we’re not on holiday, you’ll probably find us in a sports school where we play Badminton or in the climbing hall.

Obviously, our family also plays an important role in our lives. That’s why you will also find blogs or pictures with our family on this page because once in a while we’d like to go on a little family trip or take the whole family with us on holiday. There’s nothing better than spending a holiday with people you love.

Our education history gives us the necessary tools to provide you with interesting and useful content. Koen completed his bachelor in Photography at Karel de Grote University in Antwerp. Here he grew into a passionate photographer and developed his main documentary skills. Elien on the other hand, graduated as master of science in Communication, where she found out that writing is a great way to express yourselves. Combining these two qualities, we try to deliver interesting content, reinforced with the accompanying images. That’s how our travel blog, The Road Abroad, came to life.

Read and enjoy our travel blog and if you have suggestions or questions, feel free to contact us by e-mail or send us a message on Instagram. Although, must read travel blog


Elien & Koen

Whereby we love to travel and herefore write this travel blog. 


Whether you have a new experience to promote or want to harness your social media presence, we offer you some solutions. Thereby our travel blog and social media channels can also be used as a platform to showcase your new product. By the fact that we are professional photographers, we can also offer you stunning photos to show off your business. In short, there are a variety of ways we can help you to achieve your goals. Anyway, we love to partner up with organisations and brands to help them promote their business or products. Therefore, give us a target and we’ll go for it all the way.

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